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Simplified Recipe is the easiest recipe plugin for WordPress – the right balance of features and functionality.

Easiest recipe plugin for Wordpress

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Search & Filter

This feature displays on interface a recipe search input and a category filter. Using the search field you can search for recipe’s title and then access the respective recipe.

The category filter allows you to display all recipes form a specific category.

Search & Filter

Simple to use recipe admin

Our main goal with Simplified Recipe plugin was to help you work more effective. We structured the interface in four main sections, each focusing on a specific task that needs to be performed.

  • list of all recipes defined in system
  • recipe administration
  • recipe category administration
  • global recipe settings

Simple to use recipe admin

Recipe Fluid Table

The plugin settings provide you the means to alter the display style of your recipes. You can choose to display the recipes as fluid table or as a list.

Recipe Fluid Table

Simplified Recipe Features

  • Globally administrate recipes

    Globally administrate recipes

    recipes are defined and maintained in one place, but used everywhere

  • Add as many recipes as you want

    Add as many recipes as you want

    each can be individually customized

  • Easy to use and easy to display system

    Easy to use and easy to display system

    display your custom culinary recipes anywhere on your site

  • Create your own categories

    Create your own categories

    add or delete as many recipe categories as you want or don’t want

  • Choose the display settings of your recipes

    Choose the display settings of your recipes

    from list to table display to the number of recipes per page

  • Recipe search

    Recipe search

    type key words to display available recipes which you can choose

  • Recipe’s video support

    Recipe’s video support

    upload your recipe video directly into your recipe, Vimeo and Youtube support

  • Share your recipes

    Share your recipes

    supports Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or choose to email the recipe

  • Responsive support

    Responsive support

    your recipes look and behave great on your pc, tablet or smartphone

  • Rate your recipe

    Rate your recipe

    give your recipe a number of stars

  • Recipes shortcodes

    Recipes shortcodes

    just copy and paste anywhere on your site

  • And yes… no coding skills required!

    And yes… no coding skills required!

    It just works!

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